Krishi Kisan

About Us

About US

Krishikisan Samridhi Agro Farming Producer Company Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified producer, wholesale importer & distributor of high-quality agricultural need focusing on improving the quality of life of farmers with small land holdings by helping them to increase their earnings, crop yields and cultivated areas. In a short span, Krishikisan Samridhi Agro Farming Producer Company Ltd. has become one of the most reputed and trusted companies in this segment with a nationwide presence. Krishikisan Samridhi Agro Farming Producer Company Ltd. has an all-India distribution network comprising of 250 dealers, 4 offices, 3 service centers, Owned Central Warehouse in Gaya and Patna currently operating in India.

Our strength is good quality products (tested on field with Indian farmers and with agricultural universities), backed by excellent service. As part of our commitment to farmers, we continually improve our products and services to match Indian farming conditions.

Our company has been started in 2021. We have been giving many trainings to the farmers (Women and Men), to students and to the public such as Animal husbandry, Plantation, Environmental conservation, Wildlife conservation, integrated organic farming etc. and have been conducting camps for the farmer at Block and panchayat level in a district.

Our Mission

  • Develop a freeway for agricultural product services and marketing farmers at panchayat level in the districts.
  • Training for animal husbandry (goat ,sheep, buffalo, poultry),pisciculture etc.
  • Availing organic seed, fertilizers, farming machinery tools and marriage material at fingertips
  • Creating more employment than promoting robots.
  • A debt-free farmer’s nation
  • Have a canteen facility for kisan member at each block
  • Providing agriculture engineering knowledge to the farmer free of cost
  • Providing Civil construction material at low cost
  • Sewing machine (silai training)
  • Accidental Kisan insurance

Our vision

  • Educate farmers about modern farming, how to grow more crops with lesser investment and hard work.
  • To build a direct bridge between farmers and end customers which will help farmers to get a better price for their crops.
  • Helping farmers to study different types of corps where they can get better profit.
  • Reaching organic food to every home in India at the best rate
  • Open a gateway for farmers to get necessary seeds and fertilizers in an easier way and also the avail government schemes.
  • More than building big profits we believe in building farmers of our nation.

Our Goal

  • Sustainable and improved agricultural productivity and creased farm incomes.
  • Stronger food and nutrition security systems.
  • Effective natural resource management, community development and assistance in transboundary cooperation to global public good.
  • Enhanced social inclusion, improved skills and employment opportunity in the agriculture sector.


  1. To promote the economic development of the village community which is directly or indirectly dependent on the farming.
  2. Special emphasis to improve the economic and social condition of the resource-poor and the disadvantaged sections of the village community such as the asset less and the women.
  3. To encourage restoration of ecological balance.
  4. Human resource development through working, training and visits at all levels namely administrators, technicians, field workers and beneficiaries. The project will yield a valuable and permanent system of brotherhood, love and effective cooperation amongst the villagers and company authorities by working with the groups and membership of various village institutions.
  5. The operational projects proposed and conducted, will guide scientists to investigate the scientific basis of local technical innovations and to either give validation to the farmer’s practices or improve upon their technical content without losing their comparative advantage of cost-effectiveness and simple and easy usefulness.
  6. Capacity building of village institutions and local bodies in implementing the responsibilities assigned to them.