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Plantation Training facilities

Plantation Training facilities for kisan Member

 To increase the production, productivity and income of farmers, various schemes are being implemented through Department of Horticulture and Plantation crops. To impart hi-tech production techniques among farmers like poly house construction, shade net house, mulching, distribution of seedlings of high yielding varieties of fruit crops, vegetables and plantation crops are being done. To promote integrated farming system among farmers, various assistances are giving for Mushroom cultivation, Vermi compost production ,Apiary unit under Various schemes.


Integrated Nutrient Management

  • To encourage use of micro nutrients, at the rate of Rs. 500 per hectare the micro nutrients has been distributed to the farmers.

Pollination Support Through Bee-Keeping

  • In order to maximize production of Horticulture crops, honey-bee colonies have been given to farmers at 40% assistance at the rate of Rs. 1600 per colony and for honey extractor Rs. 8000 is given.

Horticulture Mechanization

  • For purchase of 20HP mini tractor Rs. 75000 and for 8HP power tiller Rs. 60000 has been given as assistance at 25 % and 40% assistance respectively.
  • For purchase of powered knapsack sprayer Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 2500/- has been given as assistance for the sprayer capacity of 12-16 liters and 8-12 liters respectively.

Integrated post harvest Management

  • To construct pack houses in an area of 800 Sq.ft by farmers for the purpose of grading, cleaning and packing of Horticultural produces at the rate of 50% assistance Rs. 2.00 lakh has been provided.


  • Under this scheme, installation of Micro Irrigation System for Horticulture crops 100% assistance for small and marginal farmers, and 75% assistance for big farmers.


  • All the farmers who have own agriculture lands are eligible. If on lease, the lease period should be a minimum of 10 years for project-based components.
  • Assured irrigation facilities are necessary where water usage is mandatory for the components like protected cultivation, area expansion etc.
  • The beneficiary farmers should enclose all mandatory documents along with the application.
  • The documents should be valid for the current period.