Krishi Kisan

Shipping Policy is where you let your customers know important details about how you ship your goods.

This article will break down the benefits of having a Shipping Policy, and show you what information you should include in your policy. We’ve also put together a Sample Shipping Policy Template that you can use to help write your own.

Your Shipping Policy should inform your customers (or potential customers) about the following:

  • What shipping options you offer (overnight, standard, air mail, international, domestic only, etc.)
  • How much each shipping method will cost the customer
  • How long each shipping method will typically take
  • How long your handling time will be between when an order is placed and when it gets shipped
  • If orders must be placed before a specific time to be counted as placed during that business day
  • Any restrictions to where you can deliver (no P.O. boxes, not to specific states, etc.)
  • Anything else that would be material to a customer when placing an order